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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common prefixes in chemistry?

Some of the more common prefixes used in engineering, chemistry, materials properties etc. are giga, mega, kilo, milli, micro and nano . Example of usage for the base unit of the metre or 1m.

What are the suffixes for chemistry?

In chemistry the particular suffix used on a noun will often categorize what the chemical is. An “ase” suffix will often denote enzymes. An “ene” suffix will often define a gas like benzene. “Oxyl” is added for hydrogen compounds, hydroxyls. There are suffixes which denote proteins, salts, minerals,...

What does the prefix mean in chemistry?

In chemistry, a prefix denoting either 1) more or most, with respect to the amount of a given element (usually oxygen, as in perchloric acid) or radical contained in a compound, or 2) the degree of substitution for hydrogen, as in peroxides, peroxy acids (for example, hydrogen peroxide, peroxyformic acid).

What are some examples of prefixes?

Other examples of prefixes: bicentennial (and other number related prefixes: mono, ter/tri, tetra, quadro, penta, hepta, octo, nano etc.) contradiction encompass paratrooper percent periscope prototype polytechnical react semicolon

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