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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prefixes of organic chemistry?

Organic Chemistry Prefixes Prefix Number of Carbon atoms Formula heptadec- 17 C17 octadec- 18 C18 nonadec- 19 C19 eicosan- 20 C20 16 more rows ...

What is the prefix of the molecule's name?

The prefix of the molecule's name is based on the number of carbon atoms. For example, a chain of six carbon atoms would be named using the prefix hex-. The suffix to the name is an ending that is applied that describes the types of chemical bonds in the molecule.

What are the prefixes for numbers 1 10?

What are the prefixes for numbers 1 10? di. tri. tetra. penta. hexa. hepta. octa. Click to see full answer. Subsequently, one may also ask, what are the 10 Greek prefixes? tri. three. tetra. four. penta. five. hepta. seven. octa. eight. Likewise, what is prefix in numbers?

What are the Greek prefixes with prefix number indicated?

Greek Prefixes prefix number indicated mono- 1 di- 2 tri- 3 tetra- 4 penta- 5 hexa- 6 hepta- 7 octa- 8 nona- 9

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