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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the general formula in chemistry?

general formula (plural general formulas or general formulae) (chemistry) The molecular formula of a class of compounds in which actual numbers are represented by x, n etc., and organic radicals are represented as Rn The general formula for saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons is CnH2n+2 and the molecular formula for propane is C3H8.

What is the empirical formula for chemistry?

In chemistry, the empirical formula of a chemical compound is the simplest positive integer ratio of atoms present in a compound. A simple example of this concept is that the empirical formula of sulphur monoxide, or SO, would simply be SO, as is the empirical formula of disulfur dioxide, S2O2.

What is the equation for chemistry?

A chemical equation is a written representation of the process that occurs in a chemical reaction. A chemical equation is written with the reactants on the left side of an arrow and the products of the chemical reaction on the right side of the equation. ... A balanced chemical equation has the same number and types of atoms on both sides of the arrow.

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