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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the College of Chemical Sciences established?

It was established 25 January 2001 during the Diamond Jubilee celebration of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon . As per by law 15 of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, the College of Chemical Sciences was established to conduct all the educational and training activities of the institute.

What is the Journal of Chemical Sciences?

The Journal of Chemical Sciences is a monthly peer-viewed scientific journal that publishes original research articles, rapid communications, reviews and perspective articles, covering many areas of Chemical Sciences. It also publishes special issues on frontier areas of the subject.

What areas of chemistry does comparechemical Science publish from?

Chemical Science publishes work from areas including (but not limited to): 1 Organic chemistry 2 Inorganic chemistry 3 Physical chemistry 4 Materials science 5 Nanoscience 6 Catalysis 7 Chemical biology 8 Analytical chemistry 9 Supramolecular chemistry 10 Theoretical chemistry More items...

What is chemistry?

Not to be confused with Kemistry. Chemistry is the scientific study of the properties and behavior of matter.

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