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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the problem with checks and balances?

The biggest drawback of checks and balances is that it slows the governing process. Division of power usually entails cooperation and compromise between competing factions and this can, depending on the level of political polarization, significantly slow the legislative process.

What are checks and balances exactly?

The term "checks and balances" refers to a system in which departments or divisions of a government or company have some control over one another. This helps to ensure that neither department takes to itself more power than originally intended.

What are the purposes of checks and balances?

The main purpose of the system of checks and balances in the United States Constitution is to ensure that no one branch of the American government becomes more powerful than the others. This is also referred to as the separation of powers. ... Power is limited in many ways, but an example of checks and balances with regard to the legislative branch includes the president's ability to veto a law that is passed by Congress.

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