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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it 'checkout' or 'check out' or 'check-out'?

I would say "check out" (two words) when using it as a verb, and "checkout" or "check-out" when using it as an adjective. "Hey, check out the cute new librarian at the check-out desk!"

What is checkout procedure?

Checkout Procedures in Front Office Management Arrange Paperwork. The evening before, review all your guests who are due to check out and arrange all their files... Greet the Customer. Make eye contact and greet the customer by name. Ask if she will be checking out. If she has... Ask About the Stay. ...

What does checked out mean?

2. verb To investigate, inspect, or look at something of interest. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is commonly used between "check" and "out.". We checked out that house on the corner, but the price was too high considering all the work it needs.

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