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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check your Internet speed?

You could get better broadband speeds and a better deal by switching to Vodafone today. Check your current broadband speed using our broadband speed tester. Already with us? Check out our broadband support page for help with broadband speeds. Just select ...

How to properly check your Internet speed?

To connect a device by cable, both your router and your device will need to have an available ethernet socket. Most routers have at least three, yet many devices have none. If you can connect by cable, the incoming internet speed will generally also be the speed to the device. The cost to enable the connection is simply the price of the cable.

How do you check the speed of the Internet?

follow the below steps and check your internet speed in one click. Go to your browser address bar and type below URL address or click this link to go to the web address: After visiting the link, click ‘Start’. The site will automatically start scanning your internet connection, including your download speed and uploading speed.

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