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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it chomping or champing?

It makes sense, to a degree, because “chomping” is a far more common word than “champing,” and would seem to relate back to the phrase’s origin, because horses’ mouths have teeth, and teeth “chomp.” However, champing is a similar word with a similar meaning to chomp—it means “to grind teeth.” The original phrase works.

What is the meaning of 'champing at the bit'?

These are the senses meant in the idiom champing at the bit, which refers to the tendency of some horses to chew on the bit when impatient or eager. In its figurative sense, it means to show impatience while delayed, or just to be eager to start. The idiom is usually written chomping at the bit, and some people consider this spelling wrong.

What does "chomping at the bit" mean?

The expression chomping at the bit, also rendered as champing at the bit, refers to a noticeable eagerness, especially when prompted by frustration or impatience. A movie buff may use the term when eager to see a critically acclaimed blockbuster movie, or a computer geek could be chomping at the bit to try out a new operating system.

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