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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cellular process uses the most energy?

Cellular respiration is the process by which biological fuels are oxidised in the presence of a high-energy inorganic electron acceptor (such as oxygen) to produce large amounts of energy, to drive the bulk production of ATP.

Where do most cellular processes occur?

The enzymatic reactions of cellular respiration begin in the cytoplasm, but most of the reactions occur in the mitochondria. Cellular respiration occurs in the double-membrane organelle called the mitochondrion. The folds in the inner membrane are called cristae.

What are the three cell processes?

Three major processes are common to all forms of cell division/reproduction. They are DNA replication (sometimes called division), separation of the duplicated chromosome(s), and division of the cytoplasm (cytokinesis).

What regulates cell processes?

Endocrine cells, for example, are specialized cells that send chemical signals to various parts of the body in order to communicate the need for various cell regulation actions. Many different diseases and disorders are caused by a breakdown of cell regulation processes.

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