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Frequently Asked Questions

What regulates cell processes?

Endocrine cells, for example, are specialized cells that send chemical signals to various parts of the body in order to communicate the need for various cell regulation actions. Many different diseases and disorders are caused by a breakdown of cell regulation processes.

What cellular processes require energy?

Many processes require ATP, which is the form of energy used in cells. (" The energy stored in ATP can then be used to drive processes requiring energy, including biosynthesis, locomotion or transportation of molecules across cell membranes.") A specific example is the Na/K ATPase pump, which helps regulate the cell membrane potential.

What is the process of cells?

The process by which a cell membrane surrounds a particle and surrounds it to bring the particle into the cell. Exocytosis. The process in which a cell releases a particle by enclosing the particle in a vacuole that then moves to the cell surface and fuses with the cell membrane to release it.

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