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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cellular processes?

What and What are the Cellular Processes? The cellular processes are all the mechanisms that are carried out within the cell and are aimed at guaranteeing the stability of the organism that they comprise. An example of a cellular process is photosynthesis .

What is the purpose of cellular respiration?

The purpose of cellular respiration is to make energy, or ATP, for the cell. All cellular processes require ATP and ATP is necessary to keep all cells alive. Aerobic respiration makes far more ATP compared to anaerobic respiration. The products of aerobic and anaerobic respiration are summarized in the table below.

How are cellular processes mediated?

Cellular processes are mediated through the complex action of several biological molecules through biochemical or biophysical interactions. Comprehensive understanding of the network will hence help to better understand the molecular mechanism underlying human diseases. Proteins “A” and “B” serve as hub proteins (schematic 1).

What is ATP used for in a cell?

ATP is used by a number of cellular components as a source of energy. For example, an enzyme may need energy from ATP to combine two molecules. ATP is also commonly used on transporters, which are proteins that function to move molecules across the cell membrane. Carbon dioxide is a universal product created by cellular respiration.

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