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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CCG do for You?

Campus Communications Group Inc. (CCG) is committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities. In this very fluid situation, we are making every effort to best serve the needs of our customers in a manner that promotes health and safety for all. We understand how isolating this time can be.

Why CCG analytics?

With CCG Analytics, you get more than results. You get the resources and know-how to make your vision happen. Meet decisions with data. Problems with prescriptives. Stagnation with speed.

Why choose CCG for Strategic Services?

An employment agency enlisted the strategic services of CCG to develop a plan for leveraging data and analytics to drive market share and accelerate growth.

What is top level management like at CCG?

The top level management in CCG is unique in that all principals have been involved in commercial debt recovery their entire adult lives. Both the agency and the principals are involved in all local and national governing bodies and trade associations for the commercial collection industry.

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