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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the forbidden cave?

Forbidden Caverns, located in Sevierville, Tennessee is one of America's most spectacular caverns. Visitors are provided with an entertaining and educational tour past sparkling formations, towering natural chimneys, numerous grottos and a crystal clear stream.

What lives in a cave?

Caves can support a surprisingly diverse fauna, ranging from casual visitors (trogloxenes, which must exit the cave to eat) to those that can live equally well in caves or on the surface (trologphiles), to those that spend their whole lives underground and have special adaptations to the cave environment (troglobites).

What are the best caverns in the USA?

10 Best Caverns to Explore in the U.S. 1. Shenandoah Caverns, Virginia 2. Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky 3. Cumberland Caverns, Tennessee 4. Ruby Falls, Tennessee 5. Moaning Cavern, California 6. Luray Caverns, Virginia 7. Natural Bridge Caverns, Texas 8. Oregon Caves National Monument, Cave Junction, Oregon

How are caves formed naturally?

Caves are usually formed when underground acidic (sour) water corrodes (=wears away) softer stones, such as limestone, leaving only the hard rock, such as granite, left. They can also be formed during natural catastrophes, such as earthquakes or by ice and glaciers.

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