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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best value carpet?

Nylon is still the best fiber. For the most durable carpet, we recommended nylon. It’s a proven fiber that performs very well (assuming it’s well made: see some of our things that can go wrong with nylon). For the best value carpet, my recommendation is the same.

What is the least expensive carpet?

The least expensive material is polypropylene, also called polyethylene or olefin; acrylic is also fairly low-priced; mid-grade carpets are usually polyester or nylon; wool is often the most expensive choice, and a few high-end products include silk or linen. The Carpet and Rug Institute gives tips for choosing a carpet.

What are the best carpet brands?

Some top carpet brands for a home include Shaw, Mohawk, Karastan and Milliken. Shaw carpets has over a dozen different lines for both residential and commercial use. This company sells four different types of carpet that include texture, loop, pattern and twist.

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