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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1carolina one real estate?

Carolina One Real Estate is your premier source for all things Charleston, with in-depth information on new homes for sale in Charleston SC, history of the area, the people and fun things to do.

Where to look for real estate in Charleston South Carolina?

You can also take a look at the properties in Charleston real estate, or at the many options in the Mount Pleasant, SC real estate market. Researching the availabilities in the Summerville, Isle of Palms, and Charleston real estate markets online can prove highly beneficial to anyone looking for property in those areas.

Why choose Carolina one?

For over 50 years, Carolina One has provided a full range of real estate services to countless families in the Metro Charleston area.

How much does it cost to live in Charleston SC?

Those considering real estate in Charleston SC have plenty of single-family homes and condominiums within the Metro Charleston area to choose from. Prices range from $150’s to $1-million-plus homes.

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