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Frequently Asked Questions

Who did Carolina Carolina beat in the 2006 Stanley Cup playoffs?

Carolina defeated the Montreal Canadiens 4–2, in the first round of the 2006 Stanley Cup playoffs, the New Jersey Devils 4–1 in the second round and the Buffalo Sabres 4–3 in the Eastern Conference final. Edmonton defeated the Detroit Red Wings 4–2 in the first round, the San Jose Sharks 4–2 in...

Did the hurricanes ever have 3 goalkeepers in a Stanley Cup?

The Hurricanes shut out the Oilers, 5–0, with five different Carolina players scoring goals. It was the first time three goaltenders had been used in a Stanley Cup final since May 1970, when the St. Louis Blues employed Jacques Plante, Glenn Hall and Ernie Wakely on their way to being swept by the Boston Bruins .

What happened to the Calgary Flames in the 2006 Stanley Cup?

The 2006 Stanley Cup playoffs marked the second time in a row that an Alberta -based team had made it to the finals only to lose in seven games to the Southeast Division champions, as the Calgary Flames were defeated by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2004 Stanley Cup Finals. The Oilers were not able to complete their Cinderella run]

What was the last time the Carolina Hurricanes were in the finals?

Carolina made their second Finals appearance, while Edmonton made their seventh appearance in the Finals. The Hurricanes were defeated in their last appearance in the Finals losing to Detroit in five games in 2002, the Oilers won their last appearance in the Finals defeating Boston in five games in 1990.

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