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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build a carport in South Carolina?

We can install your building on most any surface, including ground, gravel, asphalt, or concrete. Carport Direct offers quality carports and metal structures for South Carolina residents and business owners that are practical, reliable, and economical. We can provide 2-car, 3-car, 4-car, and 5-car garages.

Where can I get a metal building in South Carolina?

We offer metal structures up to 70’ wide across the entire state of South Carolina. We cover every area of SC, and we deliver and install your building at no extra charge! If you’re an individual or business looking for some extra clear span space, Carport Direct is the number one choice for metal buildings in South Carolina.

How do I contact Carolina carports for help with permitting issues?

I had difficulties with my county and permitting issues, followed by concrete... Members of our Carolina Carports team are available to assist during the following business hours by calling our toll free number, 1­800­670­4262. Our friendly receptionists will direct calls based on the individual need.

What type of galvanized steel is used in carports?

Our South Carolina carports are designed with 14 GA galvanized steel tubing, but you can also choose to upgrade to the heavier 12 GA for even more added protection. The 12 GA carports are stronger and are better suited for meeting higher wind and snow loads.

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