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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Carolina carports online for metal building?

Carolina Carports Online prides itself on being at the cutting edge of metal structure design. Our highly qualified staff can design and manufacture structures for a wide variety of projects. Carolina Carports Online has a knowledgeable sales staff and excellent customer service team what is waiting to assist you with all your metal building needs.

Does elephant structures sell carports in California?

We Sell Carports, Metal Buildings, Garages, and Barns in California! Looking for a carport in California? Have you been looking for a durable metal carport , garage, barn, or shed in California? Whether you know exactly what you need, or you are still exploring options for your brand new building, Elephant Structures is here to help.

How do I contact Carolina carports for help with permitting issues?

I had difficulties with my county and permitting issues, followed by concrete... Members of our Carolina Carports team are available to assist during the following business hours by calling our toll free number, 1­800­670­4262. Our friendly receptionists will direct calls based on the individual need.

What is the best thickness for a metal carport?

The 14-Gauge metal sheet is the industry standard for frame thickness and accepted everywhere for building metal carports and garages. Both Gauges are safe to use in your building structures, including metal carports, steel barns, metal workshops, steel garages, custom metal buildings, RV Covers, and other utility carports.

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