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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Carolina carports use contractors to install their buildings?

Carolina Carports uses independent contractors to install their buildings. As with anything else , they cannot control the sub-contractors. If the contractors don't get the buildings put up - Carolina Carports doesn't get their money!...

Why choose our metal carport building services?

They will answer your questions, understand your requirement of a building and make suggestions accordingly that best suit your needs. You get the best in quality and workmanship while looking at the structure and integrity of your metal carport and be assures to get the value for money.

How do I contact Carolina carports for help with permitting issues?

I had difficulties with my county and permitting issues, followed by concrete... Members of our Carolina Carports team are available to assist during the following business hours by calling our toll free number, 1­800­670­4262. Our friendly receptionists will direct calls based on the individual need.

What type of steel is used to make carports?

They know the strength of their metal carports, garages and other types of pre-fabricated steel structures that are offered here, as these are made from the best quality American steel which is galvanized.

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