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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pros and cons of cannabis?

Pros vs. Cons of Cannabis. Long-term effects of marijuana use include memory loss, confusion and/or a delayed thought-process, blockage of blood vessels and can lead to lung cancer if continuously smoked (not vaporized or eaten). It can also cause loss of motivation, cramps and rarely diarrhea.

How dangerous is cannabis?

Cannabis can be very dangerous for your health if taken in excessive amount. Apart from providing one with the medicinal properties. Cannabis is also known for being highly dangerous if you are taking it more than the required amount.

What is the best way to grow cannabis?

After germination you plant the sprouts. The easiest way to grow marijuana is to use the best soil. Usually loamy soil is considered to be the best. Use fertilizers to provide nutrients to your plants . Increase the amount of fertilizer used when your plants grow bigger.

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