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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can a Utahraptor run?

Utahraptor was almost 3 car links long Could jump 15 feet high Could run at speeds of over 20 MPH

What is a Utahraptor?

Having the unique distinction as one of the largest raptors that have ever lived, Utahraptor is a dinosaur that lived approximately 125 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period. It was first discovered in Utah in 1991, and as you may have guessed, its name is a reference to the state in which it was discovered.

How dangerous is a Utahraptor?

Befitting its large size, Utahraptor possessed especially dangerous-looking nine-inch-long claws (which sort of made it the dinosaur equivalent of the Saber-Toothed Tiger, which lived millions of years later). Utahraptor probably dug its claws on a regular basis into plant-eating dinosaurs like Iguanodon .

What is the difference between a Utahraptor and a Velociraptor?

Utahraptor ostrommaysorum. Utahraptor was the inspiration for the Velociraptors in the film Jurassic Park! Utahraptor, however, was quite a bit bigger than Velociraptor; adults were around 23 feet (7 meters) long and around 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall at the hip.

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