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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dot pre trip inspection?

The Pre-Trip Inspection is a thorough inspection of the vehicle and all of its major systems. Inspecting the vehicle before driving each day is a Federal requirement and normally takes about 15 minutes. It must be logged in your logbook as "on duty not driving.".

What is a dot vehicle inspection?

All commercial motor vehicles (CMV) that weigh more than 10,000 pounds must undergo annual DOT inspections. A DOT inspection is an inspection conducted by the Department of Transportation to ensure that all the CMV parts and accessories are safe to use, in good condition and working properly.

Does California require a termite inspection?

Termite inspections are not required in California during the sale of real property. This is typically seen as a negotiable part of the contract. When a buyer places an offer on a home they are considering purchasing they can ask that the seller provide a termite inspection and pay for repairs found in that inspection.

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