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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a cable TV considered an ordinary business expense?

In these cases, the cable TV must constitute an absolutely necessary part of one's job; in other words, according to the IRS, "only if they are ordinary and necessary for the particular type of business."

Can I claim a cable bill as a business expense?

When tax time rolls around, many people look for ways to claim deductions on their returns. It can be tempting to claim a household expense such as a cable bill as a deduction, and in certain cases, items purchased for your household constitute a legitimate business expense.

How much can I write off my new TV?

If you bought the television for $1,000 and you pay $100 a month for cable, you can write off $330 for the purchase and $33 per month for expenses. ## Classifying Your Technology as a Current Expense vs. a Capital Expenditure

Can I deduct the cost of cable TV on my taxes?

If you use the cable television for personal entertainment purposes (as most people do), it doesn't quality and you can't deduct it.

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