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Frequently Asked Questions

What to buy at Butte Creek Mill?

The store offers many products milled on site. Butte Creek Mill makes our favorite pancake mixes--try the buckwheat flapjack mix for a hearty pancake, or the pancake and waffle mix for a more traditional pancake. Easy and tasty! If you have time, stop by the antique store next door, which is under the same ownership.

What caused the Butte Creek Mill to burn down?

EAGLE POINT, Ore.– Christmas Day marks four years since the Butte Creek Mill burned down in Eagle Point. The building had stood for 143 years before an accidental electrical malfunction sparked the fire in 2015.

How did they get the stones to the Butte Mill?

The stones were carried over the mountains by wagon to the Snowy Butte Mill. The Butte Creek Mill was not a water wheel operated mill, rather the water in the millrace flowed into a twelve-foot-deep penstock, where its weight provided pressure to activate the turbine that runs the wheels, belts and pulleys.

What is the history of Snowy Butte Mill?

Foundation pillars were two feet square and were hewn with a broad ax. Built on the banks of Little Butte Creek, under the name Snowy Butte Mill, the Mill began operation in 1872. Farmers traveled from miles away with their wagons filled with grain, lining the Old Military Road to Snowy Butte Creek Mill to have their flour ground.

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