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Frequently Asked Questions

What is business ethics?

Business or professional ethics Business ethics are a set of moral guidelines that influence how a company serves its customers and treats its employees and is often based upon the personal ethics of the company’s owner or manager.

What are some real life examples of bad business ethics?

Read on for some real life examples of bad business ethics. Very often, a company’s relationship with its stakeholders defines its ethical values. McDonald’s, despite its global success, remains the target of a vitriolic public backlash owing to what many perceive as bad business ethics in its relationships with employees and other stakeholders.

What does the future of Business Ethics look like?

Their responses highlight the fact that business ethics has both bottom-line and moral implications for business professionals. When asked to look 10 years into the future, respondents predicted that factors such as protecting the brand, establishing customer trust, and winning investor confidence will only get more critical by the year 2015.

What are the advantages of Business Ethics in personal and professional life?

There are great advantages of business ethics in personal and professional life. Some commentators, such as Milton Friedman, believe that while complying with the law “earning the primary and only accountability of money”, earn money. Supporters of this viewpoint argue that self-interested pursuits of profit-makers benefit the entire society.

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