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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most comfortable Womens flats?

Hush Puppies Chase Ballet Flats. These are the most comfortable black flats according to our readers, making them the best selling flats for travel! Hush Puppies are synonymous with casual comfort shoes and now they’ve infused their traditional footwear features into the classic Chaste ballet flat.

What is considered business casual shoes for women?

Business casual for women can be a combination of skirt or slacks paired with a button-down blouse. A simple sheath dress can also be worn. A simple jacket or blazer can be added to complete the look for dressier occasions. Shoes should ideally be closed-toe, but women can wear open-toe shoes with heels.

Which blouse to choose for business casual occasion?

When looking for the perfect blouse for a business casual occasion, you must consider the neck line of the blouse. A collared blouse is most suitable, particularly when accompanied with a v neck sweater or a coat. Since it is said to be provocative, you must make sure that your blouse is not too low and no amount of cleavage is visible.

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