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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dresses do we offer at Our Dress Boutique?

Our dress boutique offers cute mini dresses, midi dress, maxi dresses, and in-season styles. We know you'll love all the dress colors, styles, and prints that we handpick for our online boutique.

Can you wear a dress with pockets to a wedding?

Dress to impress at the office in a casual short career dress with side pockets or slip into an exotic two-piece long formal dress with pockets for a jaw-dropping look at a formal gala. There are even stylish jumpsuits with pockets for outdoor weddings or cruises.

What are the different types of pocket dresses?

Semi-formal pocket dresses, formal evening dresses with pockets, and casual dresses with pockets are fast becoming fashion favorites that free up the hands for an easy, breezy day of shopping or carefree dancing and mingling at an evening event.

Why do women's dresses have pockets?

Why Women’s Dresses With Pockets Are Great for Travel Though you’ll likely have a main purse or backpack for a personal item on a plane and double it as your sightseeing bag, sometimes it’s nice to have extra spaces for less important items such as lipstick, sunglasses, or lip balm, which is why pockets in dresses work well for traveling.

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