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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear jeans for business casual?

If the business casual event is at a someone’s home, jeans are okay. If your business casual event is held in a golf club house or private club jeans are a No. If the person your are attending with or who invited you is not wearing jeans, then No. If you choose to wear jeans as business casual, always wear dark jeans with little or no washes.

What is business casual dress code?

Business casual is an ambiguously defined dress code that has been adopted by many professional and white-collar workplaces in Western countries.

What is smart casual attire for men?

Smart casual attire for men includes a blazer or cardigan. A long-sleeved shirt or polo is also acceptable. Long-sleeved sweaters are included in smart casual attire.

Are khakis considered business casual?

Although there is no universally agreed definition of casual business attire, a common perception is that men casual dress typically includes: khaki pants, a pair of casual shoes and a button-down shirt (including polo) worn with no tie.

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