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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you print business envelopes?

Place a blank envelope in your printer tray. The printer will print the address information according to the icon displayed under "Feed.". To change the way the printer prints the address information, click on "Options," then on "Printing Options.". Choose the feed method, then click "OK.". Click "Print" to print the envelope.

Why are envelopes an important element of business stationery?

Why Envelopes Are an Important Element of Business Stationery When it comes to business, image and impression are very significant. And when it comes to creating an image, they have a great saying - the devil, or god, depending on which way you look at it, is in fact, in the detail.

Do small businesses need custom letterhead?

The look and feel of high-quality custom letterhead provides a lasting impression. Business stationery for your small business is critical to showing your customers that you are established and professional. Pair your letterhead with custom envelopes and business cards to complete the package.

Do small businesses need custom envelopes?

Absolutely. Custom envelopes are not just something businesses have made to reward themselves so they can say they've "made it". They serve very real functions for mailing campaigns and day-to-day correspondences as well. Here are just four reasons why custom business envelopes should be a priority for a business of any size.

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