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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between burst and bursted?

Burst is a verb that means to pop or explode. The word burst is used when conjugating this verb into past, present, and future tenses. Burst is the correct past tense of this verb. Bursted is never used; it is an incorrect conjugation. You can think of the E in bursted as standing for e rror.

Is the verb burst inflected or uninflected?

The verb burst is usually uninflected in the past tense and as a past participle Bursted is an old form that still appears colloquially, but it is widely considered incorrect and is best avoided in formal writing. It always bears replacement with the uninflected burst. Though considered incorrect, bursted has a long history.

What is a quick burst?

The number of bullets fired from an automatic weapon by one pull of the trigger. b. A volley of bullets fired from an automatic weapon: The machine gunner fired a quick burst. 4. An abrupt, intense increase; a rush: a burst of speed; fitful bursts of wind.

What does burst of speed mean?

8. a sudden display or increase of effort or action; spurt: a burst of speed. 9. a sudden and violent emission, occurrence, or outbreak: a burst of heavy rain; a burst of applause.

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