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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Burst Oral Care a good brand?

BURST Oral Care offers teeth cleaning products including their BURST sonic toothbrushes, floss, whitening products, and accessories. The company has been featured in many press and media publications, including Forbes, Business Insider, and Cosmopolitan. Celebrities including Chrissy Teigen and Khloe Kardashian use BURST sonic toothbrushes.

How do I buy burst products without a subscription?

It’s great that some products, such as BURST Toothpaste, can be bought as a one-time purchase without a subscription. If you prefer that route, simply choose the “One-time purchase” option at checkout and then “Buy Now”. Some BURST Oral Care products can also be purchased through Amazon.

Where can I buy a burst toothbrush?

Where to Buy BURST Toothbrush You can buy BURST products directly from them at From the page of your desired BURST Electric Toothbrush, click on “Change” from the option for annual subscription. You’ll see this pop up, from where you can choose your subscription option, quarterly or annual.

How much does the burst sonic toothbrush cost?

The regular BURST Sonic Toothbrush retails for $70 and comes in black and white and right now, plus you can get free Whitening Strips with purchase. Or, for a little more teeth pizazz, you can get your hands on the pretty and stylish BURST Sonic Toothbrush Rose Gold Edition, which also includes free Whitening Strips and goes for $100.

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