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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bank account?

The best personal bank account is a bank account that fits well with one's banking habits, financial needs, and the kind of balance that is maintained on a regular basis. Choosing a bank account that is not right a right fit may result in service fees on a regular basis or in difficulty accessing funds as needed.

What is the best online banking?

Synchrony Bank – Widely recognized as one of the best online banks around, Synchrony Bank consistently receives’s “5-Star Safe & Sound Rating.” Additionally, Kiplinger’s ranked their 1- and 5-year CDs as the top yielding CDs.

What is BB T banking?

BB&T Bank. BB&T Bank is a leading financial services institution in the United States that came into existence in 1872. Since its foundation it has been active in providing a wide range of commercial and retail banking services. Currently it is also known for services ranging from insurance to investments and capital markets,...

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