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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the International Scouter's Award?

The International Scouter's Award encourages Scouters to broaden their involvement in Scouting through participation in world Scouting activities and recognizes Scouters for their contributions to world Scouting. Applicants must be currently registered adult Scouters of the Boy Scouts of America.

What is the BSA International Department?

The BSA International Department works to help Scouts and Leaders from the BSA to experience the bigger picture of Scouting and connect with it through our involvement in the World Organization of the Scout Movement. Check out the topics below to learn more and find out where your adventure will begin!

What is Scouting International?

Scouting is truly international. The Boy Scouts of America is part of the "World Organization of the Scout Movement" (WOSM), which recognizes Scouting programs in at least 216 countries.

What is the mission of the Boy Scouts of America International Council?

To promote youth membership growth in the Boy Scouts of America by providing opportunities for Scouts to become active citizens of the world by empowering and equipping local council international activities through effective adult volunteers who support World Scouting.

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