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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the brain called a brain?

Why is the Brain Called Brain. We know that it is mainly the left hemisphere that controls language, that a special center, called the Broca center after the name of its discoverer (it was located in 1861), processes language information, and that the brain of primates differs considerably from that of other animals.

What part of the brain is called the 'little brain'?

The cerebellum, “little brain”, is the second largest region of the brain. It is located behind and below the cerebrum and at the back of the brain stem and attached to the midbrain. It has two hemispheres and an outer cortex of gray matter and an inner core of white matter.

What is the function of the human brain?

Anatomy of the human brain. The primary functions of the brainstem include relaying information between the brain and the body; supplying some of the cranial nerves to the face and head; and performing critical functions in controlling the heart, breathing and consciousness.

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