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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it “both” or “both”?

However, the word “both,” in itself, is a single word, so “both is correct” when referring to that word as a single subject…. (which is exactly what I did right there. I expect you noticed straight away, right?)

What is the meaning of both in a sentence?

Usage Note: Both indicates that the action or state denoted by the verb applies individually to each of two entities. Both books weigh more than five pounds, for example, means that each book weighs more than five pounds by itself, not that the two books weighed together come to more than five pounds.

Is it correct to say “both are correct” or “both is correct?

The phrase “both are correct” is correct. “Both is correct” is not. Inevitably, when you use “both” to describe a noun, that noun is plural (there are two of them). It wouldn't make any sense to say “both cat” or “both watermelon” because “both” means “all two”.

What is the meaning of Bothe?

Used with and to indicate that each of two things in a coordinated phrase or clause is included: both men and women; an attorney well regarded for both intelligence and honesty. [Middle English bothe, probably from Old Norse bādhar .]

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