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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the aspect ratio of bootstrap video?

In Bootstrap, the video should be placed in one of two ways – an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 4:3. The code for this is given below: <!-- 16:9 aspect ratio -->. <div class="embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9">.

What is Bootstrap 4 video?

Bootstrap 4 Video - examples & tutorial. Basic & advanced usage - Material Design for Bootstrap Bootstrap video is a component which embeds a video file in DOM. It can be used in carousels, modals, pages backgrounds or iframes. Bootstrap video is a component which embeds a video file in DOM.

What is Bootstrap responsive video?

A responsive videoautomatically adapts to the screen size of the user. In this tutorial, you will learn how to implement Bootstrap Responsive Video in your website. Mostly we use the HTML 5 Video Tag to put a video on a website.

Should I set the width of my video to 100%?

Our little trick from above isn’t going to help us when dealing with video that is delivered via <iframe>. Forcing the width to 100% is effective, but when we set height: auto, we end up with a static height of 150px 1, which is far too squat for most video and makes for more R&E (Ridiculous and Embarrassing).

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