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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I include bootstrap CSS?

Step-1: Inside the <head></head> section of your html file, add the bootstrap css file first. Step-2: Next create a file named 'custom.css' inside the css folder and add it next to the bootstrap css file like this. Now you can pretty much add up your own css styles to change the look and feel of the site in the custom css file.

How do you use bootstrap?

Bootstrap Protocol is used to establish a network connection during a computer's initial boot up during the bootstrap process. Originally, the protocol used floppy disks, but it was soon integrated into computer hardware in motherboards and network adapters, so that no external drive is needed.

What is the current bootstrap version?

The current major stable version of Bootstrap is 3, which is backwards incompatible with Bootstrap 2. Besides version 3, Flask-Bootstrap is maintained for the latest version of Bootstrap 2 (although you should not expect new features, only bug fixes).

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