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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CDN in Bootstrap?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network. It helps us to improve the rendering time and website performance. Bootstrap CDN is a free content delivery network that helps us to quickly load Bootstrap CSS, Javascript, and jQuery libraries on our projects to make projects responsive, mobile friendly, and attractive.

Where to get bootstrap?

Where to Get Bootstrap? There are two ways to start using Bootstrap on your own web site. Download Bootstrap from If you want to download and host Bootstrap yourself, go to, and follow the instructions there.

How to use Bootstrap 4 components in your website?

In order to use the Bootstrap 4 components, you need to import the CSS and JS files into your application. The fastest way is to use the Bootstrap 4 CDN. CDN is short “content delivery network”.

What is in the bootstrap source code download?

The Bootstrap source code download includes the precompiled CSS, JavaScript, and font assets, along with source Less, JavaScript, and documentation. More specifically, it includes the following and more: The less/, js/, and fonts/ are the source code for our CSS, JS, and icon fonts (respectively).

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