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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best speakers for a $200 bookshelf?

Fluance Signature HiFi: For $200, these passive surround sound bookshelf speakers are a great deal for both a home theater setup and a bedroom music-listening setup. They have a pleasant sound all across the frequency spectrum.

Are bookshelf speakers worth the investment?

A great pair of bookshelf speakers is one of the best investments a music lover can make. It should last for years and deliver better performance than you can get from the majority of all-in-one Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers that are all the rage now.

Can you use bookshelf speakers for surround sound?

Of course, you can use bookshelf speakers for a surround sound setup. If you walk into your local home theater store you’ll likely see giant, five-foot-tall speakers that cost thousands of dollars perfectly positioned at different angles around a plush couch that costs as much as a few months’ rent.

What are the best ededifier bookshelf computer speakers?

Edifier R 980 T Active Bookshelf Computer Speakers comes with 24 watts of power output, calibrated with a flared bass reflex port in the front and a solid wooden housing to minimize acoustic resonance, the R980T is the bookshelf speaker to beat.

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