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Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Kindle book work on a nook?

The Kindle application stores your e-book library. You purchase e-books into your Amazon account. They're then synced directly to your Kindle library on your Nook Color. You need a Wi-Fi connection to sync e-books to the Kindle application.

Are Nook books free?

The thing to keep in mind is that free books from Nook Store are being synced, but free samples of paid books aren’t. The list of free books on Barnes & Noble site is here. As you’ll see, there are over 1.8 million titles in the catalog. By default, they are sorted by top matches, but you can change it to bestsellers.

What is the difference of bookshelf and bookcase?

Bookshelf is a see also of bookcase. As nouns the difference between bookcase and bookshelf is that bookcase is a piece of furniture designed for the storage/display of books while bookshelf is a shelf or shelves for storing books for easy visual reference. Other Comparisons: What's the difference?

What type of file is a nook book?

The file extension of the book is the format of your Kindle book. Usually DRM free Kindle books are mobi format. Nook supports both EPUB and PDF format. But for a better reading experience, you'd better choose epub format.

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