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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symbols in a floor plan?

As a floor plan symbol, windows are represented as in the picture below. 5. Stairs : Stairs let you move up and down the building. Showing where the staircase lies is important in floor plans; they could be classified as general stairs or even as an emergency exit located at the end of the building.

What does the drawing title and drawing number mean?

The drawing title and the drawing number are used for identification and filing purposes. Usually the number is unique to the drawing and is comprised of a code that contains information about the drawing such as the site, system, and type of drawing.

What do the symbols on a wall mean?

For example, a wall is represented by two lines with space in between; the distance represents the wall’s thickness. Since every symbol represents something unique, it gets easier for the engineer to understand and comprehend what the architect intends to design.

What is an assembly drawing?

Assembly drawing are a special application of pictorial drawings that are common in the engineering field. As seen in Figure 14, an assembly drawing is a pictorial view of the object with all the components shown as they go together.

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