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Frequently Asked Questions

Is bookscouter Legit and safe?

After a detailed BookScouter Review, I have concluded that the site BookScouter is completely legal and is a very professional and effective way of making some online money by selling your unnecessary used books.

Is bookscouter the best way to sell my book?

Selling your book via BookScouter may be fast, but you might not always get the highest price possible. And even though BookScouter aggregates prices from 30 vendors, you may find you can get more selling the book on your own on eBay or at a secondhand shop like 2nd and Charles.

How much money can you make by using bookscouter?

How much money you can make by using BookScouter varies widely. It mostly depends on the books that you own and the amount of work that you’re willing to put in. In general, the most valuable books on BookScouter are textbooks, cookbooks and other rare or out of print books.

What is bookscouter and how can it help you?

The site can also help you find books to buy or rent. The site is particularly popular and useful for college students. It can help you buy required textbooks, which often cost hundreds of dollars, at half the price or less. When you finish your classes, you can use BookScouter to find the best price to sell your book (s).

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