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Frequently Asked Questions

Is bookscouter Legit and safe?

After a detailed BookScouter Review, I have concluded that the site BookScouter is completely legal and is a very professional and effective way of making some online money by selling your unnecessary used books.

Is bookscouter the one buying my books?

BookScouter is NOT the one buying your books they are a collection of Book Buyback companies making offers to purchase your book. Do not use this site/ app. I sold textbooks to them and took pictures of my books before I sent them.

What is bookscouter app?

Bookscouter is an app that I used to find online platforms that would pay for gently used books. It is a very helpful app because you can price compare what the going rate for a book resell is and is get the best value for books that you plan to resell. By using book scouter, I made $130 on books that I was originally planning to give away.

How can I Sell my books for the best price?

So when you submit your ISBN number to the website, it will search multiple books buyer and give you a listing of the prices they are willing to pay for your books. You can use BookScouters to search different book buyers to find the highest prices they will pay for your used books.

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