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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bookscouter and how can it help you?

The site can also help you find books to buy or rent. The site is particularly popular and useful for college students. It can help you buy required textbooks, which often cost hundreds of dollars, at half the price or less. When you finish your classes, you can use BookScouter to find the best price to sell your book (s).

How much are my books worth on bookscouter?

It mostly depends on the books that you own and the amount of work that you’re willing to put in. In general, the most valuable books on BookScouter are textbooks, cookbooks and other rare or out of print books. You’re not likely to find anyone willing to pay more than a few cents for a novel you can buy at a bookstore.

What is the bookscouter scholarship program?

BookScouter is sponsoring a textbook scholarship! Each quarter we will award a student with a $500 scholarship to be used towards purchasing their textbooks. Requirements to be Eligible for the Scholarship: Currently enrolled in an accredited university/college

What are the incentives to use bookscouter?

One major incentive to use BookScouter is that it is one of the only websites that makes it easy to compare the prices that multiple vendors will pay for books. There are few real competitors in the space. That]

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