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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bookscouter app?

The description of BookScouter App BookScouter is a go-to solution for users who want to sell and buy used or new textbooks at a competitive price. The buyback mobile app compares prices on 30+ vendors and finds the best deals on books.

What is a book API used for?

Book API typically provides search and display functionality for the text of online books. Alternatively, APIs for books may simply return titles, author names, and other information. Some book-related APIs also return book information and bestseller information. How does a free book API work?

How does bookscouter pro compare Book prices?

Typically, BookScouter only shows the current prices for books. You can’t see what the book was worth in the past. With Pro, you can see charts outlining the book’s price movement, which can help you predict whether the book is gaining or losing value or if it regularly experiences seasonal changes in price.

Are there APIs for books that don't cost money?

The most common feature of APIs for books that don’t cost money are data retrieval. Some also include access to the content of a book, cover images, and other information. Are there examples of free book APIs?

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