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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best books to read aloud to kids?

15 Great Read-Aloud Books for. 1 The Mighty Miss Malone. by Christopher Paul Curtis. Chances are good that your kids will read one of Christopher Paul Curtis’s books in school, but ... 2 The Westing Game. 3 Two Roads. 4 Squirm. 5 The White Stag. More items

What is the purpose of a read aloud book?

Read-Aloud Books. Read-Aloud Books introduce and expose students to the sounds that different letters or combinations of letters make, help teachers provide models of fluent reading, and build oral and listening comprehension skills. Alliteration with consonants or repetition of vowel sounds in each book provides opportunities for students...

What makes a good read aloud strategy?

You can model reading habits and strategies, reading fluency, tone and introduce different genres, authors and illustrators. You can use any book as a read aloud, but not all books add an extra level of engagement and interaction to the experience.

Do you still read aloud to your kids?

But parents of older children don’t always want to admit to still reading aloud to their kids. It can come out more like a confession, as if at some point along the way we should have stopped, some age when reading is supposed to become a silent, independent activity.

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