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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best books for a 12 year old?

10 Brilliant Book Series For Kids Aged 8-12 Years 1 Harry Potter. 2 Percy Jackson. 3 The Mysterious Benedict Society Trilogy. 4 Kingdom Keepers Disney After Dark. 5 His Dark Materials. 6 David Walliams. 7 Artemis Fowl. 8 The Underland Chronicles. 9 Dork Diaries. 10 The Chronicles of Narnia.

What are some of the best children's books for kids?

The Penderwicks (4 book series). A charming modern classic about four motherless sisters, their absentminded professor father, and their exploits and misadventures. This is one of my favorite kids book series because it’s lighthearted, warm, and just plain fun.

What is the best age for kids to start reading books?

Reading is such a great past-time for kids of all ages, stimulating their imagination, and keeping them occupied too. The best thing is when you get a series by the same author as that can keep them reading. Here are 10 Brilliant Book Series for Kids Aged 8 to 12 years , all guaranteed page-turners.

How many kids are in the library in the book Wonder?

Twelve kids are invited for a sleepover in their town’s brand-new library built by Mr. Lemoncello, who is like the Willy Wonka of books. Adventure, mystery, and humor abound as the kids work to solve various book-related puzzles and riddles that will enable them to be the first one to escape the library.

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