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Frequently Asked Questions

What exercises can I do with my child at home?

Bent-Over Rows: 3 sets of 15-20 with one 1kg weight in each hand. Chin-ups: 3 sets of as many as possible with bodyweight: be sure to hold child's legs to stabilise them throughout the movement. Dumbbell Curls: 3 sets of 15-20 with one 1kg weight in each hand. Note: this routine can be done in almost any environment.

What are the best muscle building exercises?

Here are some of the best muscle building exercises. Most quality workout programs will contain some of the exercises listed in this section. Chest - Bench press, incline bench press, chest dips, dumbbell bench press, incline dumbbell bench press, dumbbell flyes.

What is strength training for kids?

Strength training for kids— - not to be confused with weightlifting, bodybuilding or powerlifting—is a carefully designed program of exercises to increase muscle strength and endurance.

What are the best workouts to do at the gym?

Friday: 1 Full Back Squats - 3 Sets x 12-20 Reps 2 Snatch Grip Deadlifts - 3 Sets x 12-20 Reps 3 DB Incline Bench Press - 3 Sets x 12-15 Reps 4 Bent Over Rows - 3 Sets x 12-15 Reps 5 Dips - 3 Sets x 12-15 Reps 6 Crunches - 3 Sets x 15-20 Reps

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