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Frequently Asked Questions

Does high volume training build more muscle?

Biology / physiology says that high volume training leads to increased sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, which means bigger muscles. HIT should really only be utilized to increase muscular strength, not muscle size. What continues to be a sticking point is the "warm up sets".

Is higher volume better for muscle growth?

Higher volume resulted in elevated growth hormone and cortisol, but this didn't translate to better muscle mass. High intensity was shown to be better for muscle growth and strength in bodybuilders.

How does training volume affect muscle growth?

Workout volume clearly produces a (non-linear) dose-response effect on post-workout increases in signaling in the mTOR pathway, in increases in muscle protein synthesis (MPS) rates, and in myogenic signaling responses. Studying each of these dose-responses carefully can help us understand better how workout volume affects muscle growth.

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