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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shoes for weight lifting?

Weightlifting shoes with a wide base promote stability and help in sharing the weight equally. Heels: Any weightlifting shoe with a heel height between 1/4 – 1 inch is a good choice. With a raised heel, you can squat lower and, in turn, lift with more ease.

Should you invest in weightlifting shoes?

6 Reasons You Should Invest In a Pair of Weightlifting Shoes Elevated Heel. Weightlifting shoes have elevated heels, this enhances our abilities to maintain proper postures throughout lifts. Solid Base. Along with the elevated heel, weightlifting shoes provide a solid base to catch weight on. ... Ankle Support. ... Improved Mobility. ... Improved Safety. ... Personal Touch. ...

What are lifting shoes?

The raised heel is a defining factor of any lifting shoe. Lifting shoes are designed for one purpose, and that is lifting weights. To succeed at that task they must support your foot with a firm sole that will NOT compress under heavy loads. A tennis or running shoe has a totally different purpose.

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